Review – Does SocialAdr Work?

I want to let you know about a service I have been trying. This is a social bookmarking service called SocialAdr. They offer free and paid social bookmarking plans which is really cool. I got an email from someone whom I respect in the internet marketing community. He told me he was using SocialAdr and getting mega bookmarks to his sites.

I decided to sign up for the highest priced plan SocialAdr offers for a month which I think was around $115 a month. I logged into the site and wrote 22 posts and linked them to the pages on some of my sites I wanted to get traffic to.

Within an hour I was getting my pages bookmarked and was getting extra backlinks from them. I know I was getting backlinks because I searched Google and there were a ton of social media website users who bookmarked my sites.

Now you might be saying, why do they bookmark my posts? Well you see, the free users have to bookmark other SocialAdr users posts in order to get credits to use towards the bookmarks service.

To make a long story short. This will amaze you. Those 22 posts in that 30 days received 5,952 social bookmarks!

You can set how many bookmarks you want each post to get so you can prioritize your pages.

SocialAdr also is set up so you can just buy credits if you don’t feel like doing a monthly subscription.

I recommend you try SocialAdr & get up to 420 backlinks per month…for FREE! Click here to check it out